We recently held a two day seminar on lifting weights in London.

We wanted to record the whole seminar so we could make videos available for people who couldn't attend.

Matt and his team did a perfect job:

  • high quality sound so people at home understand what was said
  • high quality video using the right angles so people at home could see what was shown
  • all of this without involvement of our team - we were able to focus on the seminar atotally while they took care of all the video and audio stuff.  This saved us time and allowed for big piece of mind.

They even went over the top with the editing, doing things we didn't ask for in the beginning, but ended up wanting later on, like subtitling some parts of the video.

Greate job - we'd hire Matt's team again if we do another seminar in the UK.  I'd highly recommend his team and services for anybody looking to record a seminar.

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