Crafty Devil

Rising stars in the booming craft beer scene.

"Our bank manager said it was good."

- Rhys, Crafty Devil

What We Say

Crafty Devil are rising stars in the booming craft beer scene. Based in Cardiff, South Wales, we were asked to produce a short video for their social media platforms that told people about their origins, and showed the character of the brewery.

The video was shot across five separate days, including a day shooting in the brewery, as well as at two Crafty Devil live events and a morning in the original Crafty Devil shed. Spending this amount time with Crafty Devil is what allows the viewer to feel like they're really getting to know the brewery, and the people behind it, in more detail, as they're being shown the various parts of their story as it's being told to them.

Most important for this project was to show the friendship behind the brewery, as well as the philosophy and passion that makes Crafty Devil's beer different.