Innovation Makers

Creators of Omnio, the worlds first foldable, wearable stroller.

"The end result is very professional, on brand and has played a significant part in the success of the marketing campaign."

- Markus, Innovation Makers

What We Say

Innovation Makers approached us to produce a video as part of their pre-order campaign for the Omnio Stroller. Launched on, the pre-order video had to fit in with the Omnio's brand guidelines and image, as well as being functional in its display of how the stroller worked, both in concept and in a real-world setting.

The final video required shooting in a studio, live from the Gadget Show, on location with the stroller, and at the home of the Omnio designers. Our location shoot was delayed twice due to weather, but we knew that natural light would be really important to bring a real-world, lifestyle feel to the video, and so took time away from the edit in order to shoot in the right conditions. Innovation Makers were also very keen to showcase their local area in the best light, which was another reason we waited for the right weather conditions.

The final video is a collaboration between Hammerspace, Innovation Makers and, and one which we're very proud of.