Accolade Wines

A global brand and the largest wine importer in the U.K.

"Hammerspace were able to delve in and really understand what the message was and then bring it to life."

- Donna, Accolade Wines

What We Say

We were approached by Accolade Wines to produce a video for their first annual Supplier Awards, celebrating their partnerships and achievements over the previous twelve months.

Our challenge was in organising the numerous achievements that needed to be included into a narrative that was approachable, engaging and focused. This was done by grouping achievements into common areas, allowing for a natural flow from point to point.

The final video was well received at the awards show, was shown to Accolade’s board of Directors, and was even distributed to Accolade’s international operations as a showcase of the company’s productivity. It is currently exhibited to new suppliers at Accolade’s global bottling plant.