Vincent Davies

An independent department store in Pembrokeshire.

What We Say

Vincent Davies approached us with the task of replacing their existing Christmas video.

Through our discussions with them, we discovered their was a rich family history to this independent department store. We also understood that a big problem for this West Wales family business was local residents travelling to Swansea for shopping, rather than doing their Christmas shopping locally.

A plan was born.

We decided use a family shopping experience to explore the store, and also tell a story that encourages people to shop locally. The first part of the video lampoons the idea of travelling between Haverfordwest and Swansea to shop, with a couple choosing to walk there, and running out of daylight! The next day they visit Vincent Davies instead, where we see them and their children exploring the store, looking for those perfect gifts, and ultimately sharing the experience together.

Video production spanned over two days, and the final film aims to capture the family spirit of the Vincent Davies brand.