Fresh Active

A brand-new community-focused gym.

"The video's had over 40,000 views on Facebook"

- Aron, Fresh Active

What We Say

Fresh Active are a new gym in Tredegar with big ambitions. Their business is predominantly promoted via social media, specifically Facebook. They approached us to help produce a video which would work well on facebook, and tie in with a new membership offer.

Through consultation with Fresh Active, we established that their key message is that the gym is accommodating to people from all demographics, offering a friendly, intimidation-free environment for people of all ages and ability levels. This is why we chose to use the GoPro Hero 6 Black to provide us with a first-person view of various workout areas and classes available at the gym, with a focus on positive and supportive interactions.

The final video uses the first-person view with a silent main character. This works well with facebook as the majority of video plays are without sound on that platform, and helps the audience to more closely associate themselves with the gym experience.