Gingersnap Consulting

A South Wales software consultancy.

"The Hammerspace team are professional and very easy to work with"

- Liz, Gingersnap Consulting

What We Say

Gingersnap are a software solutions provider, who were looking to utilise video for the first time in their advertising. They approached us at Hammerspace with a desire to help potential new clients understand the positive impact to be had by working with Gingersnap Consulting.

Through our video production planning process with Gingersnap, we understood that they wanted a video that would work both on their website, and on their social media channels. It was essential to produce a short video, to suit both platforms. That's why we decided on a testimonial-based video, which could showcase on the benefits of working with Gingersnap in a short space of time, and also provide interesting and narratively-relevant visuals for the video.

The final video looks at how Sure Safety, themselves a consultancy, have improved their business efficiency by implementing Gingersnap's solutions.