Beelzebub's Bar

A new bar being opened by Crafty Devil Brewing.

"People are saying the video's one of the things that's really important when investing."

- Rhys, Beelzebub's Bar

What We Say

After year long rumours of a new project in the pipeline, Crafty Devil brewing revealed what they'd been working on: a brand new independent bar in Cardiff.  Crafty Devil wanted to encourage people to feel connected to the bar through a new crowdfunding campaign.

Key points for Crafty Devil were to emphasise the freshness of their product, and the proximity of the new bar to the brewery. It was also our first opportunity to film in the new brewery, so to make it special we partnered with Aerial Craft to fly a drone in the video and give us a new perspective on the brewing process.

The final video covers all the points that Crafty Devil wanted to include, and the crowdfunding campaign eventually raised 190% of it's target investment.