ABG Lift Truck Training

ABG offer a variety of forklift truck training.

"Hammerspace Video offered us a professional service from start to finish."

- Steve, ABG Lift Truck Training

What We Say

We began working with ABG Lift Truck Training to produce a video that broke down the initial trepidation that many people feel when faced with a new learning challenge. ABG wanted people to get a feel for how the course would run, as well as feel more personally connected to the course instructor.

The video called for filming on several different days in order to show the wide variety of people that take advantage of ABG's training opportunities, as well as finding a delicate balance during the interviews between being friendly and genuine, and ensuring the right information was delivered in a suitable tone. This ultimately meant that portions of the interview were re-shot as pickups, which involved re-creating the lighting, framing and setup of the original interview.

The final video is the result of careful feedback iterations through the editing process, in order to deliver a video that fully satisfied ABG.