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“How long is this video? Nine minutes? Oh forget it.”
We all do it. Someone links us to a video or it comes up through our social media. We click play, and after one second we check to see how long it is. Then we decide if we’re going to keep watching. If it’s too long, we leave.

How interested we are in a video’s content directly correlates to how long we’re willing to spend watching it. We’re all happy to spend an hour watching our favourite show, but if it’s an online video we aren’t sure about, we’re less willing to invest our time. That’s why if you’re trying to reach new customers who are on the fence about using your product or service, you have to offer them short, focused content which is easily consumable, and gets your message across in an interesting way.

This is the idea behind Hammerspace Video. “Hammerspace” is the name for the conceptual reality from which cartoon characters pull hammers and other objects when they need them. Like a Tardis that’s bigger on the inside, we look to embody the idea of “hammerspace” by creating video content that streamlines your message and delivers more, in less time.

Telling Your Story

In video, people want a story. Say somebody wants a video that shows what their business does. Should we to try and pack in all the different aspects of that business in one go? Is that “Hammerspace”? Not really, since cramming stuff in will only lead to a cluttered, unfocused video that nobody wants to watch.

There’s often the worry with video content that we “can’t leave anything out”. This concern comes from not wanting to sell your venture short. But oftentimes less is more, and it serves your business best to tell a story if you want to engage your audience. It can be the story of the business’ origins, or the story of a certain product, or a customer story of how the business has improved their life.

If you’re a baker, tell us why you bake. If you’re an inventor, show us the person your product helps. Let us in on your process; tell your story. This short story will tell us more about your business and the people who run it in one minute than anything else could. That’s “Hammerspace”.

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If you'd like to find out how Hammerspace Video can help tell your story, don't hesitate to contact us today - we'd love to hear from you!